Topeka Base Ball Club -1909

TopekaBaseball Club



Butch Nieman 1943 45 Boston Braves


Terry Bettis 1970

Terry Bettis 1970


Harland Coffman,1948



Baseball in Shawnee County

A comprehensive history of baseball in Shawnee County has not yet been written. There is no encyclopedic reference with details about important dates, people, teams, leagues, venues, games, records, and milestones. There is no sweeping survey that lays out the bigger picture of the enduring but changing role that baseball has played in our communities over the past century and half.

Likewise, there is no central repository of images that record the visual history of our baseball past.

Since there is no single place to go to look up facts and view photos, we have begun the task of gathering them in a project we call Catching History. Much information exists, we believe, but it resides in countless places and a long-term effort will be required to pull it together in an organized fashion.